19 dezembro, 2016

Maxi dresses | New Year | StyleWe

Maxi Dresses

Some of my suggestions for the New Year. My favorites are undoubtedly 1 and 3.
I show you only maxi dresses, because I think they are very elegant. And the New Year that is New Year we have to be always great.
Now I will show you the dresses and talk a little of them.



This gold dress would undoubtedly be my choice. Simple, elegant and discreet. Perfect for a relaxed New year's eve in family and friends.



A more classic dress in which we can take to a gala or New Year's dinner. I love the way it flows.

Since Then

When I saw this dress, I was soon in love. I said, I wish I had you here for the New Year. The back part is anything but sexy. I love the length and I love that it is fair and discreet. This Would undoubtedly be the dress I would wear to go out with my friends this night.

These beautiful dress are from StyleWe (see here), can see other dresses of this genre, also watch their Youtube Channel (here).

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